Teachable Moments

In our home, we try to use everything as a teachable moment! From a Disney princess to the celebration of Halloween, my husband and I really make a point to use what we can in the world to teach our children about who they are in Christ and who God created them to be.

Disney Princesses Coming Soon
St. Patrick's Day
Pumpkin Fun
God's Egg-stra Special Gift
Playing in the Mud:Talk with your kids about the muddiness of our bad choices (sin). Have fun washing away the mud as you discover the fun and freedom Jesus gives us when he washes away our sin!
Big Brother Love: Talk with your kids about Jesus our big brother! What jobs to big brothers and big sisters have? Jesus is the best big brother ever! He shows us how we are supposed to live. He sets a good example for us just like we can set a good example for our little brothers and sisters.
Back Seat Driver: Talk with your kids in the car! How driving is like following God's direction. Trusting God to take you where you need to go.
Being Cupid: Celebrate Valentine's Day with the kids! Talk about God's PERFECT love. How can we love others like God loves us? God wants us to be like the silly character, Cupid. He wants us to share and show love to everyone! Celebrate God's love for us by coming up with ways to be "Cupid" to others!
SuperBowl: Talk with your kids about being on God's team! Play catch. God is the best coach ever. He ALWAYS wins! When we play on God's team we can be confident that we will win the game! How can we "play" on God's team?(help others, memorize our Bible verses, being kind, speaking words that honor God, obeying God's word- like listening to Mommy and Daddy, not lying, etc)

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