Welp, if you clicked here I guess that means I need to share a little about who I am.

This blog title is my life. I am discovering that my life will always be "in training"- and there is excitement and fulfillment in that.

Why blog? 

For me, it is easy to feel drowned in the discipline and routine of everyday. The desire of my heart is to see the majesty of our Creator- His provision, His creativity, His purposes, and His grace- in the midst of my routine. 

staging for the segment
talking with our live audience
I come from a broadcast background. This Mama used to run cameras, book talent, and write scripts. While the bulk of my broadcasting experience is behind the scenes in local news programming, I have also gotten the opportunity to work in the national circuit- as an associate producer for one of NBC's daytime talk shows "iVillage Live". (It lasted 2 seasons- better than the average!)

I left television to become a Mom and start writing, event planning, and growing teams to teach children ages 5 and under for a renowned children's learning program and smaller, non-profit organizations.

As my family grows, I find that my passion to save money, live healthier, and teach my kids through our everyday encounters grows by leaps and bounds. 

I hope that my backward stories, adventures in green living, penny pinching posts, and random thoughts somehow encourage you to find the freedom and joy I have found in living.

- Amy

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