Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Actual Blog Post

So I guess this is what bloggers do.

You get on your blog and just type what is going on. Usually I over intimidate myself and keep from typing anything unless it is profound (for me. haha) or useful. I warn you, this post is neither.

I am simply... blogging. 

Does this mean I have to actually admit that I am a "blogger" now?

I really have not blogged a lot lately and there are many reasons for that. Being pregnant with Traurig baby#3, I have had little energy to keep food down, let alone blog. What would I write about? A list of what makes me nauseous? Smells that make me go "woah"? lol

Anyway, here is what is happening on the horizon for traurigsintraining... a new blog. yeah! Goodbye blogspot.com. Thanks Babe. :)
Jalapenos from my garden.
Pickling Cucumbers from
my garden

With first trimester coming to an end I am happy to announce that fewer and fewer things are making me gag. (Is that tmi? sorry.) The good part about it is that I am finding more energy to do more. So... there will be more blog posts. From DIY deodorants and soaps, recovering chairs, and canning from my garden veggies. I am excited to do more with this online diary (aka blog) and pass along any fun tricks and recipes I am using.

Who knows, maybe I will even venture into DIY maternity tops. I am enamored by those pins where people turn their shirts and dresses into maternity ones. 

Oh! I almost forgot another fun thing I have been working on. This Summer I will post more information on two ebook projects I have been working on. 

This girl is excited. :)

Thanks for reading!

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