Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tattoo Thursday: Part 1

Here it is...

A few months back my husband and I started a competition. The deal was if I could get more subscribers than him I would get a  tattoo but if he got more than me than he would get his motorcycle license. 

Thanks to YOU I won!! :)

Some of you have asked why I haven't posted yet about the tattoo yet.

Well here it is.

I have never strongly desired a tattoo. (Not even as a rebellious teen or college kid.) So this whole desire to get a tat is new. It all started when I read a book. (How nerdy is that!) I would love to share the story with you but it is a long story. So...

I am splitting this into 3 parts. Or 3 weeks of posting. 

I LOVE building suspense! muahaha.

While Adrian works to finalize my design. (I have the best husband ever! Yes, he has been designing my tattoo.) In fact that is part of the reason it has taken so long to post about this. He is such an incredible perfectionist that he will spend a ridiculous amount of time making sure something is the best it can be. IE. When he folds laundry it looks WAY better than when I do it. haha

So here is post #1. Stay tuned because next Thursday I will post the story behind the tattoo. The week after that... the BIG reveal. :)

Thanks for your support!

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