Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When you listen to you wife...

okay, so this blog is not about not listening to your wife or that everyone should listen to their wife. Adrian and I are watching our recording of "The Bible" from the new History channel tv series. Watching the story of Abraham (Abram) and Lot is so powerful. I am reminded of many truths God whispers in my life today:

  • When Lot listened to his wife... lol. Lot and his wife chose to leave Abraham (Abram) because "the grass looked greener on the other side" (literally). They trusted in themselves over God. Sound familiar?
  • Abraham's wife Sarai grew impatient Though she knew she was promised a son years before, Sarai stopped trusting in God's promise and grew impatient. She told her husband to bear a child through Hagar (her maid). Sarai's "taking life into her own hands" caused her and her family dissension, jealousy, and grief. Sound familiar?
  • When all around Lot was being destroyed, God still offered a way out for Lot. Lot's wife disobeyed and looked back. Her choice to look back cost her the future God intended for her. Sound familiar?

Abraham and  Sarah from "The Bible" on The History Channel
The same God we read about in the Old Testament is alive today. His plans may seem unlikely or maybe "not as good" as what we come up with He is still God. He always has a plan beyond what we can see or understand. There is great freedom in realizing that we are never called to fully understand Him but simply to trust and obey him. (1 Corinthians 1:27When we are impatient- we are to obey. When we doubt Him- He doesn't change. If we want our lives to be stories of impossible saves, undeserved love, and battles won against all odds- we need to choose to trust and obey the God of Abraham. (Genesis 12-22)

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