Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teachable Moment: St Patrick's Day

In our home, we try to use everything as a teachable moment! From a Disney princess to the celebration of St Patrick's Day, my husband and I really make a point to use what we can in the world to teach our children about who they are in Christ and who God created them to be.

St. Patrick's Day -March 17th

Go outside and find some 3 leaf clovers. Uses these to talk about God (3 in 1). God is God but the Bible teaches us that he shows himself to us in 3 different forms: God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus. Whenever we see a 3 leaf clover we can remember just how amazing our God is!
  • Who is St Patrick and why should we celebrate: Saint Patrick had an adventurous life. He was captured by pirates at the age of 16. After six years being a slave to the pirates, Patrick decided to follow Jesus. He escaped and decided to become a Monk and later a missionary. Patrick loved Jesus so much that he decided to move to Ireland and teach everyone about Jesus for  29 years. He used the shamrock, a 3 leaf clover, (Ireland's national flower) to explain the Blessed Trinity. St. Patrick founded 365 churches, baptized over 120,000 people and consecrated 450 bishops. Wow!
  • Talk about it: Even when Patrick was sad and being treated mean as a slave to the pirates, God was there. Patrick knew God was there and decided to devote the rest of his life to Him. St Patrick knew that Jesus was his best friend forever and wanted everyone to know Jesus too. We can be just like St Patrick! What are some ways that you can be like St Patrick?
  • Get out the dice and Play this fun game. **Thanks Dawn for this fun idea! (Coloring pages above)

We couldn't find dice so we used the SORRY game dice. :)
My two year old wanted to just "pop" it instead of color.

If your kids are too young to know their numbers get out the cards from Candy Land. Whatever color is on the card you pick- color your clover!

  • Get out the Chalk! Play the game above but instead of coloring the clover have children HOP to the number rolled.
Try drawing shapes inside the clover instead to help your
little ones learn their shapes.

  • Buy golden coins (we like the chocolate ones) create a trail with them leading to a fun "Treasure" or just have fun hiding them around the house.
    • Use the coins to:

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