Friday, March 8, 2013

If at first you don't succeed...

I tweeted a few days ago about a challenge I started. Crystal with MoneySavingMom posted that she was starting a challenge for the month of March call Early To Rise

My super trendy Mom PJ pants and slippers. ;)

I LOVE her blogs and thought, "what the hay... I can try this too". (No, seriously that was the full extent of my thought process. haha)

Well, it is day 8 and all I have to say is... I am horrible at this.

That's right, I admit it.

This entire challenge is about waking up earlier than your family every morning. You read a 5 minute snip-it from the book Early to Rise and then go on to do something related to a hobbie, passion, or something you simply can't do with toddlers hanging on you.

Since I am being completely honest: I may be averaging more losses with this than wins. But I am not giving up.

This is why it is a challenge

For nearly all of my 27 years of life I have resented doing things that do not come naturally. To a teenager, admitting that your parents are right seems unnatural. To a 2 year old, using the potty seems unnatural. Oh, and if you thought potty training your toddler took way too long, this chick was a bed wetter until the age of _*#_. (I am all good w/ being honest here but I am not disclosing that little number.)

Waking up while it is still dark = UN natural. 

For the rest of the month I will continue to set my alarm and challenge myself to be Early to Rise. This truly is a challenge but I refuse to give up. Won't you consider joining me?

Maybe not in waking up early. :)

What have you been too afraid to challenge yourself to do because you feel failure is imminent? Consider joining me- a self-proclaimed co-failer. ;)  Invite yourself to start something that seems difficult but you know will only better your life. 

Challenge yourself today.

Take control of your day because days make up weeks, weeks become months, and months become years. Years make a life, and you only get one. -Andy Traub, (Day 4) Early To Rise

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