Friday, March 29, 2013

Frugal Friday Tips and Tidbits

Frugal Friday Tips and Tidbits   

Well here it is, if ever you wanted to pick my brain on what I think is important to start couponing, saving money, and living on less... below is my two cents. I hope it helps!

-       What motivates me to save money: I want to use what is in my hand to glorify God and bless others (“time, talent, and treasure”). 

Ways to save: 

 #1   Budget: You cannot begin saving money until you first establish a budget! 

A budget will help you to live within your means. My husband and I create a budget every month. We are now debt free because of this principle being #1 (even over clipping coupons.) :)

This opens communication with your spouse and allows you to know where money is going. Talk about it, argue about it, and come up with a budget you both can agree on. More great budgeting tips from Dave Ramsey. For more of my budgeting tips scroll down my Simple Money Saving page.

Rebates: getting paid to try products. Just remember to mail your rebates immediately! I keep an updated log of some great freebies and rebates on my page.

Clearance: buying what you will use in the future when it is “not in season”
Stores have to stock their shelves with new products and when they do, the stuff on the shelves goes on sale!
Remember... if you think ahead you will save more. For example:
- School Supplies: Stores have items free/almost free ALL Summer. Don't wait until the last minute to shop and you can save your family a bunch!
- Christmas gifts/ Easter Baskets/ Birthday presents: Check your store for seasonal clearance in early Fall, Black Friday, January(ish), June(ish) and stock up for the rest of the year. You can have a simple stock pile without being classified as extreme. :)

Couponing: When couponing, you are purchasing what you need. Remember, coupons are a marketing tool companies give to the public to get us to buy their products. It's not about scoring every coupon deal, it is about saving on what you and your family need!

Pick your battles! Is it worth my time?

hDo you have more tips to help people save? Or maybe a link to another site you love to use to save your family money? Please post here!

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