Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinner Done

I hope you had a wonderful Monday.

Our dinner is done and the kids are about to do to bed (yes. we do early bedtimes here. and... we love them!)

Before you go to bed tonight, I wanted to impart some wisdom from these little ones who shared dinner with me this evening.

From Madi: Mommy was the only one to eat a sweet potato for dinner. According to Madi, since I was the one "stuck" with the hot potato... I lose.


From Aaron: We all need to pray to "Jeejuss" from the lions before we eat.

duly noted.

It's nights like tonight that I am reminded why I started blogging- I love recording these precious memories. I hope they made you smile too.

Random side note: I made EASY turkey burgers by mixing ground turkey w/ the seasoned bread crumbs from one of my Kraft Fresh Take pouches (they were free/50cents a few weeks ago after coupons. Delicious!

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