Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reaching for Shooting Stars

Do you ever feel as if faith is like reaching up to catch shooting stars?
I had this thought last night and since my mind processes in stories, this is the story it made up:

When I turned 12 I saw the stars for the first time. I mean, I REALLY saw the stars. They were amazing, especially the shooting stars. All I wanted was to catch one! Was it possible? It had to be! I heard exciting stories from other family and friends about catching them. But was it really possible? It sounded so awesome! I wanted one! I want to be the boy who caught the shooting stars.

It seemed so exciting and utterly breathtaking. I reached. I stretched. I repeated. I opened my hand wider and pointed my fingers up taller. Night after night, I did everything I could to catch the shooting stars. 

After many tries and many failures, my mind became overrun with doubts.I was reminded of my inadequacies. Some nights the stars just seemed too fast and too far away- an object impossible for me to fully grasp on my own. Aha! That is it. Maybe someone could help me! But who? Then I noticed him. What if I turn to the kind gentleman beside me. Maybe he can help. He has been here every night, smiling along and watching with my excitement. He even offered his hand with each disappointing try on my own. I was just too busy reaching on my own that I never really noticed him. Until now. Until I realized how much I really did need his help.

I looked at his hands. I hadn't noticed his hands before this time. I was too caught up with the excitement of catching the shooting starts on my own. His hands are huge. His face is kind. His stature is strong. I bet he's caught a shooting star or two in his day. I asked. He says, "Those shooting stars. I made them. These hands put them each in place and gave them purpose. Would you like to catch one?" 

"Yes please" I exclaim. I stop myself because I realize that at this point I am jumping up an down like a sugared up school girl. 
He laughs, "Oh my child. Nothing brings me greater joy than to lift you up and help you reach for those stars. I set them there for you. For 12 years I waited for you to even notice them. Step into my hands and I will lift you to up to the stars and at just the right time- my time- we will catch one of those shooting stars- together."

Step into the hands of the Creator of Lights. Those stars he made for you. You cannot fully grasp them on your own. Faith is like reaching for shooting stars.
- Amy Traurig 7-17-2012

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