Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dear Madi

Little girl you are now 5 years old. You have one of the biggest and most beautiful personalities I've ever seen. Boy are you a blessing to me! Madi, you came into my life as one big surprise and you make me smile with silly surprises each and every day. 

You are a 5 year old on a mission. Daddy mentioned that you would buy a car when you are 16 and what do you do? You are saving up for a car. :) Madi when you have something to say, not moment of silence will do. You surprise me each time you ask your questions about Satan, God, and life. You have a heart to love the world and the will power to do it. :) 
You are five and yet one of my dearest friends. Each day that you choose me to be your playmate and teacher is a sweet surprise that I cannot seem to get enough of. I love hearing your ideas, watching your dances, and listening to your songs. There is no other spider girl princess like you. :)

Dear Madi I pray that your creativity is never quenched and your passion for people only grows with the years. My deepest desire is that you love Jesus with every ounce of your heart and become more confident in His love for you with each breathe you take. Madi you were loved by God before I even got the chance to hold you in my arms. 
Madison Abigail Traurig, I love you today, tomorrow, and every day after. Each day I fall in love with you more. You may have come into my life as a surprise but without you I could not imagine life. 

Happy Birthday Madison! 

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