Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

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I bought this pumpkin weeks ago (probably the first week Target had them). I LOVE Fall!! In Florida, since the weather barely changes in the Fall I guess I feel the need to overcompensate by decorating the house early, making Fall crafts with the kids, and baking- LOTS of baking. ;) I will admit that the Traurig house has been in "Fall mode" since the end of August. Crazy. Maybe. But I guarantee that it you come over for some homemade banana/pumpkin baked goods or a pumpkin latte- you will leave a little crazy too. :)

Tonight I really wanted to have some pumpkin fun with the kids! We just got back in town from Adrian's sisters' wedding (Congrats Josh and April!!) so us old tired folks- the idea of carving a pumpkin seemed a bit daunting. My solution... Mr. Pumpkin Head!

I have seen these many times online. (As I often say, my best ideas I steal from people much more creative and wiser than myself. Remember that while reading this blog. lol) I took a small screwdriver to carve out holes for the mr potato head parts. Then I let the kids mix and match eyes, ears, mouths and noses to create their own Mr. Pumpkin Heads.

As usual, a simple and silly activity with the kids got me thinking about our Creator and His relationship with us.

As the story goes, a pumpkin is much like me and you. Pumpkins come in many shapes and sizes but on the inside they are all the same. (And I have yet to meet anyone who denies how messy the inside of these orange gourds really are.) We are too
As my children had fun putting different eyes, noses, and menial accessories on the pumpkins I thought... this is us! 

We all come in different shapes and sizes, with different eyes, ears, and accessories. But on the inside we are all a mess. Deny it if you would like but their is no one person (or pumpkin) who does not have a mess on the inside! Who does not struggle every so often w/ the messiness and confusion of life. As Christians we assign fun words like "temptations" and even "sin" to our choosing to act upon promptings that feel so natural and right but are contrary to what God's word says we should do.

Here is the thing, God sees the inside of the pumpkin. 
Globs of Mess. Seeds of Temptations. Slimy sins. 
To each of us we may just see another pumpkin. Some a little better physically formed than others and others with a bit more dirt on the outside. But like the pumpkins, no matter what menial accessories you spend time or money on to improve outward appearance our insides remain the same.

Another thought, my kids took so much pride in how they adorned the pumpkin. How often do we pride ourselves on our outward enhancements and accessorizing? My kids spent time and energy trying to make their pumpkins look better than the other's. They were not content with the pumpkin as it was. As a parent I had to just smile because what they created in actuality was quite silly. I wonder if God ever looks down at us, and sees our efforts to create ourselves as better than the last and just smiles too. How silly or childlike must we look?

This Fall. Have fun decorating with your family. Enjoy the Seasons- as they mark the creativity of our Creator. But by the time Winter comes, my hope and prayer is that each of us acknowledges the silly mess that is within us. God sees it. He saw it over two thousand years ago when he sent Christ. God knows the mess we are and still he pursues us everyday. This Fall, join me, let's Fall in love with our Creator and our Savior. His son. Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy, warmth, or comfort this season could bring.

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