Friday, October 19, 2012

Flannel Graph Flakes, Loaves, and Provisions

This may be the simplest post yet. Please forgive me if it is.

As I read The Story (I am a week behind-oops) I am reading stories I have studied countless times before but new truths seem to jump from each page.

As I read tonight about God providing for the Israelites as they wandered the desert, a new question came to mind. When God provided food for the Israelites, why did He give ingredients and not the fully cooked meal? 

I blame it on the Sunday School flannel graphs. As I child I learned Manna was "bread from heaven". I literally thought God rained down loaves of this incredibly sweet bread on the Israelites. And I am pretty sure all the Sunday School teachers had the flannel loaves that they put above flannel Moses and the flannel Israelites. Or maybe just that was how I imagined it. :)

Nope. Manna was the key ingredient in making the bread they would eat. God provided the main ingredient not the actual loaf. Why? 

Likewise, why send live quail instead of prepackaged nuggets or something? God could have rained down the finished meals. Why didn't He?

Does this take away from God = truly Provider? Since He did not provide the meals but the simply the source for the meals?

God is our Provider. God was the Provider for the Israelites. While He is fully capable to provide for us prepackaged, fully cooked goodness, He often provides just the main ingredient. 

God miraculously provided manna. The Israelites had to choose to get up early to gather it, crush it in the mortar, and bake it to enjoy the bread. God provided the quail. The Israelites had to scoop them up live and labor to prepare them to eat. 

In what ways does God provide for us? Have we missed out on some main ingredients He is providing because we are expecting him to serve up the whole meal? 

If we believe God is Sovereign. If we believe God is intentional. If we believe God is wise. We must believe that God provides. And what He provides is fully what we need. Where is God providing for me while still calling me to harvest, gather or labor? 

Let's not be a people who miss out on God's supernatural blessings because we are unwilling or blind to the work He is calling us to - what miraculous ingredients has He placed at our feet?

Tonight I read from The Story chapter 5 which can also be found in Exodus 16.

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