Parenting is not easy.  Ever.  One of the best things I have heard lately concerning parenting is, “Little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems.”  What a great quote to keep things in perspective for me.   I know that raising young children can be physically exhausting, but raising older kids is emotionally exhausting (or so I have been told).  And even when you have “raised” your kids, it’s probably even worse because you have absolutely no control over their choices.
I, in no way, consider myself an expert in parenting.  I have many days where I am left bewildered.  Today I needed literally 2 things in Harris Teeter.  I took my kids in the store and decided to let them push those little kid carts.  Eeesh!  The pictures are cute, but what the pictures do not show you is the moment where I was literally speaking the name of Jesus under my breath in effort to keep myself from strangling my kids.
Needless to say, I have been turning to some parenting advice here and there lately and have had many conversations with my husband. Currently I am focusing on, OBEDIENCE.  I cannot raise children who do not know how to obey.  Everything rises and falls around obedience.  If my children cannot learn to obey  their mother, who they can see and hear, they will never be able to listen to the Lord, who they cannot see or hear.
All of my lectures are kept to the point, “You did not obey.”  Even with Abbey, it is all about obedience.  It is not, you did not clean your room, it is, you did not obey.  It is not, you should not hit your sister, it is you did not obey.  For Abbey, it is not, you did not come when I called you, it is simple, you did not obey.
Are there other virtues I need to teach my kids, of course.  But if they can get OBEY, they can learn just about anything else.