Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shadow of a Life

Do you ever find yourself getting scared by shadows at night time? I do. First off, I am nearly blind without my glasses so every shadow I see at night appears to be much scarier through my feeble eyes. 

My kids have already started calling Mommy and Daddy into the room because of a shadow they see. It is never that they see an object that scares them but rather a shadow of something. The shadow usually is just an exaggerated projection of the actual object's true size.

Tonight I find myself intrigued with these occurances.

What if what we perceive as "truths" in our lives are actually mere shadows? 

Oh this was too funny not to share.

You know. In essence, the truths we are choosing to live our lives by and define ourselves with are shadows OF actual truth.  Sometimes a shadow is right on, in it's likeness to the object it follows. Other times a shadow may appear longer, fatter, closer, farther away, a bit more angled..etc. What if sometimes the ideas that we base our life, our egos, marriage, family..etc are like these shadows? What we perceive as "true to size" may actually be a shadow that is a bit long, angled, and appears closer than it actually is.

With that being said. My next thought is... what is it that makes a shadow appear?

Without the presence of light, we would never know what shadows are. We need light for a shadow to even be formed. AND it is the relationship between the light and object itself that determines what the shadow will look like. WHERE the light falls will determine HOW the shadow appears. The closer a light is to the object the more accurately the shadow will appear.

What are you allowing to be a light in your life?

How is it affecting the shadows you see?

The Bible talks about Christ being the "Light" of the world. This idea would mean that with Him close to us we can see life (and the "truths" of life) more accurately. (Note: we are never promised to see and know everything but we are promised that with his Light in our lives we will be able to perceive the shadows more clearly and fearlessly.)

Could some of the truths you hold so dear, in actuality be misleading representations of truth that have been distorted by a Light too far away?

The distance between you and the Light will determine the accuracy of how you see truth and what your define as being true. (A Light that is closer allows shadows to appear more defined.)


These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. Colossians 2:17 (Check out this verse in context. Read Colossians 2)

More great verses: Hebrews 10:1, Hebrews 8:5, Matthew 4:16

Another thought, the presence of light also determines the length of time a shadow will appear. hmmm. (Psalm 144:4; 1 Chronicles 29:15)

For more in scripture about shadows click HERE.

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