Monday, September 17, 2012

15 Ways To Destroy Your Marriage

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Today I wanted to share a post made a few years back by a church pastor in South Carolina. The title of his post was "15 Ways To Destroy Your Marriage". His points are simple, language is bold, and his message spot on. Here is an exerpt from his original post:

#1 – Have an affair! (II Samuel 11-12)
#2 – Refuse to run from tempting situations! (Genesis 39:1-12, I Corinthians 6:18)
#3 – Look at LOTS of porn! (Job 31:1)
#4 – Connect with “old flames” through online social networking and then convince yourself it is ok because you aren’t actually doing anything wrong!
#5 – Refuse to talk to your spouse about issues that make you angry…just bury them and let a huge pile build up so that you can explode irrationally on them when they totally do not expect it. (Ephesians 4:25-27)
#6 – Have an affair!!!
#7 – Make sure you spend lots of person time with the same person of the opposite sex that you are not married to…and when confronted on it say, “It’s business.”
#8 – Make “innocent” remarks to an attractive person of the opposite sex such as, “I wish I had met you before I had gotten married.”
#9 – Put an ad for yourself on an internet dating site…even though you are married…just to see what type of interest you could create!
#10 – Compare your spouse with other people OFTEN and convince yourself that you didn’t get God’s best when you agreed to marry him/her.
#11 – Have an affair!!!
#12 – Take your cues about sexual morality from Hollywood and your “friends” rather than God’s Word. (John 14:15)
#13 – Begin to believe that your spouse’s main mission on this planet should be to meet your needs…and when they don’t then justify trying to get your needs met elsewhere.
#14 – Fantasize often as to what it would be like to be with another person other than your spouse.
#15 – Be willing to sell out years of marriage, the respect of your children and your character for an orgasm.

Like I said…we will be dealing with this on Sunday…because I am SICK AND TIRED of seeing marriages being destroyed and the church remaining silent about it.

To see the original Post by Author Perry Noble Click HERE.

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