Monday, August 6, 2012

Blog Shout Outs:: Magic Mike

I think I will make this a regular thing. 
What do you think?
A few of you have sent me links to some incredible posts by other bloggers. I thought that it would be selfish if I didn't share some of them. :)

My first Blog Shout Out is from

This post really challenged some thoughts I had about the movie Magic Mike. I never went out to see it but it was not because of some deep conviction. Click Here is her take on the blockbuster hit. Below is an excerpt from her blog:

Do you know who this is?
John Wayne.


I was shocked. I mean, I love The Duke as much as the next classic film lover, but I had NO idea that The Duke used to look like this. No wonder he went to Hollywood.

Sharing the photograph on Facebook, I wrote ‘”Magic Mike” needs to take a cue from this guy. Handsome speaks for itself, and dignity never goes out of style!!’

That, coupled with this article I read today, got me to thinking…  I’ve got a beef with this recent “harmless” avenue of entertainment.

“Magic Mike” is no harmless film.

Entertainment like this cheapens true masculinity, and paints a deceptive picture of what women should get excited about in men.

So if you’ll indulge me, I would love to help remind my female sisters what “sexy” and “manly” really looks like…

A man who communes with his Creator daily and strives to live a life that glorifies God.

A man who works long hours and spends his hard-earned wages to care for his family and occasionally treat them to fun things like Cherry Limeades and Redbox rentals.

A man who reaches down to pick up his little girl when she trips and falls and holds her close until her tears are gone.

A man who gathers his children around him at night to tell them a story, no matter how late he got in from work.

A man who would never go see a movie about a group of female strippers, no matter how many people were saying it was okay.

A man who researches recipes on the internet and makes a huge and messy meal in the kitchen so his beloved doesn’t have to make supper one night.

A man who treats the elderly with respect and dignity by patiently listening to them tell stories about their glory days.

A man who tends to the azalea bushes by the front porch, clipping them down when they need it and watering them morning after morning after morning.

A man who hops up from his reading when he hears you doing the dishes and gives you a hand.

A man who thoughtfully answers every question his little boy has about “why?” and “how?” the world and everything in it works.

A man who leaves whatever he is doing to help you when your car breaks down.

A man who monitors his free time and plans his schedule wisely and fairly. If he gets a night out with his friends, you get one, too.

A man who gets up at night to fix the baby a bottle while you lay drooling on your pillow.

A man who gives up an unneeded PhD so he can spend more time with his family.

A man who comes home with the new book you’ve been wanting, and its not even your birthday.

A man who has trained his eyes to look away from other women, even when they look better than you do.

A man who is humble enough to grow, long after he has become an adult.

A man who wants you and finds his satisfaction in you, and you alone, after many years of marriage and fidelity.

A man with happy wrinkles around his eyes that prove how many times he has smiled at you.

A man who sets up controls on his computer to avoid even the temptation to look at pornography.

A man who has dignity and modesty and self-control.

A man who refuses to speak profanity and hushes others when they use it in your vicinity.

A man who would give his life for you and the children, in a heartbeat.

A man who says “I do”…for better or for worse…for richer or poorer…in sickness and in health…forever.

She goes on to name men she know who exeplify this type of man. And also points out that John Wayne was one such man. He reportedly made 250 movies…and not a one of them is about a male stripper named Mike.

Oh and by the way... here are some of the amazing men I have had the honor of knowing. They do exist. :)
My "Magic Mike" and little dude. :)
Adrian and his "way too close" guy friends.

That is right. I am one blessed girl! All the men in my family
qualify as that man. (Thanks Dad for setting that precedence.)

Just a few amazing men from our local church.
I could show pics of incredible men from our home churches in
Orlando and Ft Myers but I am short on photos. Shout out to our
incredible guy friends from Journey!

Every single man in our Core Group is one such man.

My grandpa, the patriarch who set the bar for his daughters
who all married true man who love and live for Christ.
Thanks Pop! I am blessed because of the manly man of Christ
you continue to choose to be.
In honor of Grandpa Goodlet who also set a precedence
and lived his life as a true manly man,
 who served his Christ first and his family.

Here is the direct link to the original post:


  1. Very true picture of real men. A man also allows you to have an opinion and make suggestions knowing you have wisdom too and will take what you have to say in consideration before making a decision for the family.

  2. Great post! I would add one more - A man whose passion for Jesus is even greater than his passion for you.