Monday, July 16, 2012

Striking When Called To Speak: Part 2

If you have not yet read Striking When Called to Speak (part 1) click HERE, or scroll down the page. :)

Do these stories about Moses parallel with any parts of your life?
A practical application for me might be clinging to the way I have always parented - maybe because of great results I have gotten in the past- when God has put a person, sermon, passage of scripture or a book in my life to speak into me. Where is God calling you to speak but you continue to strike?

Being married to a young man in ministry, I cannot help but think there might be a parallel with ministry. In the beginning of ministry, no one knows your name, you hold no clout at ministry conventions, and chances are you have yet to author a best seller. Humility walks with you wherever you step. Don't get me wrong, I have met many humble men and women who have served in ministry more decades than I have been alive. And I have met youthful leaders blinded by their own arrogance. Too often though, I find this is the exception. Moses, in the "youth" of his ministry followed Gods every word. Oh, I have not forgotten the whole murder scandal of his, excuse making, and running away. I am talking about AFTER Moses chose to follow God and lead His people. Like Moses, we all have a past but that is not why God chose to keep Moses from the promised land. Are we allowing the past of some of our youthful leaders to keep us from investing in their future? 

God told Moses to strike- he struck. God told Moses to raise the staff- he raised the staff. Then why when God told him to speak to the rock did Moses not just speak?

It is so easy to get caught up in "what works" and "what is going to produce the best results". Moses chose to put his trust in "what worked" instead of the work God wanted to do now- through him.
When we let our ministry, or even our lives, be led more by past results, past callings, statistics, or bigger pay checks we need to step back and ask ourselves, what might we be missing out on? When we put our trust in God - and God alone- he promises to take us to the promise land. (I am not simply talking about Heaven.) God has plans and promises for each of us. He can't bring us to where He wants us if we are constantly making excuses for not trusting Him. Don't lose your ticket to the promises God has planned for you here on Earth. Live according to your trust in Him and no one/nothing else.

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